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Coin rings Home Page

Welcome to the Home of the amazing Double-Sided Coin Rings.
Our goal is to provide a high quality handcrafted product that makes a unique one-of-a-kind gift for anyone (including yourself, of course). These double sided coin rings  are made from real silver coins which makes them easy to maintain. We have silver coin rings made from United States coins as well as silver coins from other countries and will be constantly adding new rings to the website. All rings are individually handmade with a very labor intensive process that involves heating the coin to over 1000 degrees. After heating, the forging process transforms the ordinary coin into an amazing piece of vintage finger art. We then form our signature Smooth Rounded Edges for a comfortable fit. The coin ring is then polished or antiqued and carefully packaged in your FREE velvet gift pouch.

They are called "Double sided coin rings" because the graphics from the coin will show up both on the outer band as well as the inner band of the ring.

We know there are many choices out there for handcrafted artisan jewelry, and we appreciate that you are here browsing our website.  We promise that you will not find higher quality rings made from coins anywhere. All of our coin rings come with our guarantee of satisfaction or your money will be refunded.
 The coins used are circulated coins with some normal and expected wear. We spend extra money buying coins with good features to ensure a high quality finished product. The coin used for your ring has probably traveled the world and been through many hands...Just imagine the stories your ring could tell!

Here are some actual customer comments

Rev. S V Banks said:   April 23rd, 2013 1:06 am
Just received my ring today, after a very short wait. I have to say, I am more pleased than I anticipated. (Trust me folks, I was stoked about holding mine after viewing website pics.) What a great business concept! Offer people an honest product at a reasonable price. Chris was helpful and patient in every aspect. Thanks, for what I'm sure will be a coveted trinket at my funeral.

...Awesome work excellent quality, highly recommended !!!


...Very fast shipping...simply awesome ring. Coolest thing I've ever purchased.

... Hi Chris,
You are a true artisan!
I got both rings & they fit perfectly!
The 1956 half is Great! Thanks!!!
& fits great!!!
Thanks again for your great work! I love them both!!
I hope you do well in you ring making business, I'm well satisfied!!!

We can do special years, special coins,etc for :


These coin rings make wonderful gifts for the coin collector or anyone who appreciates the history associated with these vintage and antique coins

U.S. quarters and half dollars made before 1965 were 90% pure silver and these are the coins we use.  There were also some Kennedy Half Dollar proofs made of 90% silver minted from 1992 to present. Contact us if you would like more information.

Don't forget to bookmark our site before leaving. We will be adding many more choices in coin rings as we continue to build the website. If you have a certain coin or year in mind and don't see it listed yet on the Showcase page, just send us an e-mail through the contact us page to discuss options. We would be happy to do a custom ring for you.

Please sign our
 GUESTBOOK before leaving we would love to hear your comments!

Thank you for supporting American Small Business !

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